Team Bérubé


Team Bérubé consists of experienced professionals and performers coordinators. The synergy of their experience, their humanity and their knowledge of your market actually makes a skilled elite team, motivated to carry out your purchasing projects or property sale.

Each member of the team is committed to providing its expertise to facilitate each step of the process to make your experience unique and profitable.


Jean-François Bérubé

Real estate broker Certified AEO

A proud father of three, Jean-François is very active in the community. Always available, he is able to understand his clients’ needs and advise them on the sale or purchase process. As a key person in the company, he is able to refer clients to qualified professionals whenever the need arises during the transaction process. His enthusiasm and the energy he spends finding the right solution prove that there’s nothing he won’t do to help his clients. In the real estate business since 1998, his quick-wittedness is a major advantage!

Michel Richard

Real estate broker

Meticulous and keen on detail, Michel has more than one trick up his sleeve! With 35 years of experience in real estate, sales no longer hold any secrets from him. His insight and his active listening skills make him a very important player for our team. Michel will take very good care of you and nothing will be left to chance. You can trust that he will manage your transaction through with mastery!

Alain Laplante

Real estate broker

Customer service holds no more secrets for Alain. Throughout the years, he was able to raise the bar in terms of professionalism. He is very involved in the real estate industry as president of the Chambre immobilière de L’Estrie (real estate board), as an arbitrator, as a conciliator and the assistant director of a real estate agency. These qualities and skills, combined combine to an honest and efficient service, allow Alain to better serve his growing and loyal customer base.

Steve Wilson

Real estate broker

This gentleman father will charm you! Steve has a very good sense of humor and you'll immediately notice his courtesy, empathy, compassion and sense of family values. Interested in your story and his attention to details, he is the perfect candidate to support you in the quest or sale of your home. He is ready to carry out his projects, imagine yours! Bilingual service, thoughtful, while understanding the importance of a transaction! That's what Steve promises you!

Patrick Audet

Real estate broker

Patrick has been a member of the team since 2020 and shows great dedication and enthusiasm. Eager to learn, he does not hesitate to do the work necessary to further develop and strengthen his expertise in the real estate field. His good mood, his dynamic nature and his attention to detail make him the ideal choice for your property purchase or sale project.

Dominique Massicotte

Commercial real estate broker

Dominique has expertise in commercial and multi-unit real estate brokerage through his own experience as an investor and property manager. His sense of the market and his ability to listen allow to feel confident from the get-go. As a team player, he is determined to see your projects through with integrity and efficiency. His approach is to share knowledge and opinions while providing a clear and fair overview. His solution-oriented approach will help you achieve your goals and you will be pleased with his work.

Tristan Savard

Real estate broker

Tristan is a kind, sociable and charismatic person who stands out for his genuine concern for others. While studying business management, he joined the agency's administrative team at the end of 2021 to explore his interest of real estate. A confirmed attraction, since he now practices brokerage and offers you the best of himself to realize all your residential and commercial projects with transparent and authentic service, establishing lasting trust relationships.



Catherine Fournier

Coordinator - Client Relations

Her unconventional background has allowed her to acquire a wealth of knowledge and skills that enable her to fulfill her roles within the team to the fullest. Cooperation and customer satisfaction are part of her day-to-day goals, making Catherine a valuable resource in the marketing of your property. She is enthusiastic about the projects that are entrusted to her, so there is no doubt about her ability to deliver.

Julie Patoine

Coordinator - Accounting

Energetic and professional, Julie transmits her dynamism to all the processes to which she collaborates. Always smiling and discerning, Julie manages the numbers with perfectionism. From her dedication, her availability and her authenticity arises an orderly and efficient follow-up of files. Julie has been an accomplice of the organization for several years, and her impeccable support has proved her worth!


You are the center of our motivations. We base our practice on human relationships and the development of proximity with our customers. We understand your reality, and we will do everything to help you achieve your goals. We are also involved with charities raising funds in the region.


Our organizational structure developed over the years brings forward performance, efficiency and results. Our market analysis, business strategy, marketing and sales process and our monitoring records are constantly changing to provide you every day a better customer service.


We combine experience, skills and talents of our brokers and coordinators to bring your project to completion. Combining the expertise of each of our professionals means success, and this cooperation is for us to ensure achievement.


We treat all files with transparency and impartiality. We believe that every transaction must be fair to all parties involved, and we do everything in our power to achieve the satisfaction of everyone with honesty, diligence and respect.


Motivated by a constant need to stand out and offer the best to our customers, our team always aims to innovate and push the boundaries by being proactive and advanced in the technologies, trends, processes, visibility, advertising, all this with nerve, boldly freshness and originality.


We devote effort and energy to accompany you with transparency and dynamism in the acquisition or sale of your home. Our commitment: facilitate each step of the process to make your experience unique and profitable.

A committed team

Regulated by professional associations

The OACIQ ensures public protection by proper supervision of the profession by ensuring a real estate and mortgage brokerage in Quebec quality. The OACIQ is responsible for implementing the Real Estate Brokerage Act and enforcement, and promotes professionalism and competence of brokers.

The Chambre immobilière de l’Estrie promotes and protects the profession and the professional interests of its members, and also works to educate the public on issues related to real estate. It is part of the provincial associations that make up the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards and the Canadian Real Estate Association.

The CREA represents more than 100,000 brokers that meet everyone in the real estate sector code, a strict code of conduct that goes beyond the requirements of the law. The CREA puts particular to the public the REALTOR® tool designed to help find the perfect broker and the perfect property with greater speed and ease.